Multi-family Security

As a licensed alarm company, FCIT offers security system solutions for multi-family properties.

Deep Sentinel Live Video Surveillance - Authorized Partner

Instant Guard Engagement

Deep Sentinel guards can see and hear everything and engage with anyone on the property in seconds.

No False Alarms

By using AI and human operators, Deep Sentinel eliminates annoying, potentially harmful false alarms.

Full Perimeter Security

The guards can watch every inch of your property at one time and step in before criminals reach your doors


Why video surveillance provides superior security for your multi-family property
If you manage an apartment or condominium complex, protecting tenants (and your property) is serious business. More than that, it's part of your official duty of care. An option you might consider is hiring a security team to patrol the property. As appealing as having your own guards onsite might be, this option also has notable drawbacks. Live video surveillance enhanced by AI and remote guards offers robust protection without the disadvantages of onsite guards.

Service Cost

Deep Sentinel Live Surveillance

Average: $300 - $500 per month
$100/month for the first camera
$50/month for each additional camera
Every inch of your property Indoor administrative areas
10 seconds to intervention 30 seconds to police contact
Does not require user input
Satisfies legal requirements Provides evidence for claims
AI with human verification means no downtime or false alarms
Visually reassuring Clean, subtle look

On-site Security Guards

Average: $6,000 - $8,000 per month$100/hour per guard
Benefits, supplies, and more
Depends on the number of guards Humans can’t be everywhere at once
Depends on guard reaction time
Requires time to recruit, hire, train, and manage employees
Satisfies legal requirements but adds new liabilities (use of force, workplace safety)
Human guards make human errors
May create a frightening or unfriendly environment for tenants

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