Fast Casual Restaurants

Our core customer set is in the Fast Casual restaurant space, looking for turn-key tech services to cover every angle out of the box.


FastCasual IT offers services for new and existing restaurants.  Single and restaurants with multiple locations are handled with ease.  Give us a call to talk through your technology projects.

New Restaurants

Work with ISP to Install Internet
Install Cabling/Work with General Contractor
Install Secure Wifi
Install Point of Sale
Install Sound Systems
Install Digital Signage
Install Camera Systems
Install Time Clocks
Install Streaming Audio
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Existing Restaurants

Wire Cleanups
Improve Cyber Security
Upgrade Network Infrastructure
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Single Restaurants

We help single restaurants establish stable technology environments.

Multi-Location Restaurants

We help franchise restaurants with scaling and stability problems.

Ready for Action?

We're waiting on you!  Give us a call and let's get going on supporting you entire company with top notch technology services and support.
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